Amagavi, Inc. develops web applications for small-to-midsized businesses.

Web Applications

A web application is more than “just” a web page. It is a set of web pages that provide functionality that usually begins with a user entering information into a form. The form could be as simple as a single box where you enter a book title, or it could be as complex as mortgage application form. When you click the submit button, our web application kicks into action to perform the search in one or more databases, do the relevant calculations, and then provide you a result either on the web page, a different web page, multiple web pages, or even a downloaded report.


Often for information to be useful, it must be stored for later retrieval. We architect databases to store your information, and implement them in a manner that is flexible to grow and change as your business requires.


Our specialty is functionality. We feel fulfilled when we develop tools that make you, your company, your clients or customers more effective and productive. If our tools are not solving real problems for you, they can’t be considered solutions. We’ve done our job when our software leaves you delighted.

If your web site isn’t making you more productive, contact me, Marco A. Gonzalez, at marcoinc@mac.com to discuss how I and my team of expert developers can help.